Art by the River Gallery

Fine Art by Linda Murray

Distant Mountains
"Land of the Aloads"

"A sense of place is very important in my artwork. I am inspired by the vast landscapes of the Hudson River School artists as well as J.M.W. Turner and Salvador Dali. I strive to take my viewers to a beautiful and wonderous place. My most recent works express this best. These images can be viewed in Gallery One.

Please visit each gallery using the links below. Return often as I add new works regularly. I welcome your feedback and enjoy discussing art in general.

Prices are available upon request. Feel free to email me using the link at the bottom of this page."

Linda Murray

Gallery One

Ethereal Landscapes


Gallery Two

Realistic/Surrealistic Images


Gallery Three

Realistic Watercolor Images





All artwork on these pages are originals, and therefore subject to copyright by the artist. Any copying or use of these images, without express permission of the artist, is prohibited by law.

Art By The River
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